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A modern slicer for advanced 3D printing

Cloud Based Slicing

No software to install or update. Manage jobs and track progress on any platform.

3D Volumetric Circuits

OmniSlice® gives you the ability to print 3D parts with any distribution of conductors, dielectrics, and other materials. 3D volumetric circuits are smaller, lighter and can be manufactured into any form factor

Conformal 3D Printing

OmniSlice® can print conformally onto doubly curved surfaces. Even more, OmniSlice™ can print conformally and onto near vertical side walls using an ordinary three-axis machine.

Functionally Graded Materials

Define custom gradients in any direction and with any profile and OmniSlice® will do the rest.

A slicer like no other

OmniSlice® will empower you to print 3D parts with any distribution of conductors, dielectrics, and other materials for applications like 3D circuits, structural electronics, and building circuits into unconventional form factors. OmniSlice® allows you to do conformal 3D printing on a standard three-axis machine and even print onto near-vertical side walls. On printers with mixing hardware, OmniSlice®will enable you to build parts made of functionally-graded materials. Slicing is parallelized and performed in the cloud for unprecedented speed - with no software to install.

Who we are

The founders

Christopher Stricklan
Christopher Stricklan

Christopher is an expert software developer and businessman with over 20 years of industry experience. He has spent the last 15 years performing business development supporting DoD customer’s missions in cyber security.  He co-founded Kraetonics LLC to develop products and direct research.

Raymond Rumpf
Raymond C. Rumpf, PhD, FSPIE, SMIEEE

Raymond is a pioneer and leader in the additive manufacturing community as well as in electromagnetics and photonics. He co-founded Kraetonics LLC to commercialize the revolutionary technologies coming from the EMLab at the University of Texas at El Paso.

What OmniSlice®can do

3D Volumetric Circuit 

OmniSlice™ can print parts with any distribution of different materials, enabling circuits to made three dimensional.

Conformal Printing

 OmniSlice™ provides conformal printing and even allows standard three-axis machines to print onto near-vertical side walls.

Combined Capabilities

OmniSlice™ can produce parts that simultaneously utilize different printing modalities, such as volumetric printing, conformal printing, printing of functionally-graded materials, off-axis printing, and more.

3D Antennas

OmniSlice™ can print parts with any distribution of different materials to produce 3D and volumetrically complex antennas that extend performance limits.

Flexible Circuits

OmniSlice™ can build flexible circuits and electronic devices with suitable choice of materials.

Conventional Planar Circuits

We think it’s a bit boring, but OmniSlice™ can print flat structures too!

Functionally Graded Materials

When the proper mixing hardware is installed, OmniSlice™ allows any 3D part to be manufactured from functionally-graded materials where the functional gradients can be defined in any direction and with any profile.

3D Volumetric Circuits

OmniSlice™ can manufacture 3D circuits that are smaller, lighter, made into unconventional form factors, and more power efficient than conventional planar circuits.  3D circuits can make better use of physics such as dielectric anisotropy to give them functionality not possible with planar circuits.

Functionally-Graded Materials

OmniSlice™ utilizes advanced calculations and controls to premix materials ahead of dispensing to compensate for a volume of material that may exist between the mixer and the dispensing.

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